Our History

Established in 2011, the BKC has ran the biggest and most successful Bambino karting championships in the UK, visiting the very best kart clubs and circuits the UK has to offer. in most recent years we saw a slight change in the way the BKC runs, Due to the Growing Population of 'Competitive Championships' within the class and the Demand for 'Grass Roots Dad & Lad Enjoyable Karting' We done away with the 'Money talks Competitive Attitude' and adopted a more 'Fun & Fair Approach Policy'.


Having predominantly being a 1 class time trial championship for several years, in 2017 the BKC took a step up from 'time trials' to 'Racing', we believe that the racing format coupled with the release of the new Iame M1 bambino engine is what brought the bambino class into the 21st century and made it the awesome class you see racing in various championships all over the UK today.

Again, moving with the times in 2018 the BKC introduced more classes and began using 'pooled engines' , with the Iame engine introduced in 2017 its fair to say that the Comer C50 engine used in the MSA Bambino championship died off pretty quickly


We BKC saw the reasons behind this not being because the new Iame engine was better, more because the Iame engine was more simple to understand and was a fairer all round engine in terms of competitiveness, with the high end winning Comer C50 engines exchanging hands for thousands of pounds it was clear to see something needed to be done to bring the costs of entry level bambino karting back down! And so..... the BKC pooled engine class was born.

Check out the BKC classes page for more information on the bambino and cadet classes using pooled engines within today's championship