Bambino Kart Club

Where It All Begins


Welcome to the Bambino Kart Club information page 

The bambino kart club was originally founded in 2009 by Chesterfield based Scott Parker, Father to kart racer Jenson Parker,
Back then Mr Parker was struggling to find any circuits in the UK that would allow his 6 year old son Jenson to use his newly purchased bambino kart,

He started an online hunt to find like minded bambino parents to form a 'club' and encourage kart circuits to allow them some track time, The first circuit to allow Mr Parker and Jenson on with their Bambino Kart in late 2009 was The Rowrah circuit in Cumbria, upon this visit they met three other bambino kart drivers, current CIK-FIA European Junior Kart champion Jonny Edgar and current CIK academy and Manor WEC programme Driver Joseph Taylor along with Taylor Barnard Current IAME CADET,GRAND PRIX and BRITISH CHAMPION

The four continued to visit Rowrah over the winter and moving into 2010 the Fulbeck Circuit in Lincolnshire also made time for a bambino grid at their monthly practice weekend,

It wasn't long until other circuits started to see the bambino class was beginning to grow in the UK and mid way through 2010 it was the Hooton Park Circuit in Cheshire who became the first to allow bambinos to actually RACE, it was at this point that present  BKC championship co-ordinator Darren Beavers attended and got talking to Mr Parker,

Darren's son Bradley was just starting out in Bambinos at age 5 and Mr Parker was wanting to move off with Jenson into the cadet class so it was agreed that Darren would continue the running of the Bambino club with the help of another bambino parent James Kitching father of current cadet kart racer Archie.

By 2012 the club had a steady following at Monthly practice days and at this point Darren Decided to put together the first ever Bambino Championship the UK had seen,

The first ever championship was won by Archie Kitching who then moved off to race in the cadet class, leaving Darren Total control of the BKC's future, The BKC continued to grow and the championships got better and better, with Darren working hard and bringing in strict rules and regulations, something the class hadn't seen up until this point, the racing was very close but the most talked about part of the BKC was the friendly atmosphere amongst drivers and parents around the paddocks,

Now in its 6th year the BKC championship is considered the leading Bambino karting organisation in the whole of Europe, with drivers from all over the UK as well as Ireland and Spain making appearances in the 2017 championship the BKC really is a great place to start your budding racing drivers career in motorsport.


2012 BKC CHAMPION                                     2012 OPEN CHAMPION

ARCHIE KITCHING                                          CHARLIE WALSH

2013 BKC CHAMPION                                            2013 OPEN CHAMPION 

ROSS HANLEY                                                        MAXIMUS HALL

          2014 BKC CHAMPION                                  2014 OPEN CHAMPION

            HARLEY KEEBLE                                        OAKLEY KEIGHTLEY

   2015 BKC CHAMPION                         2015 OPEN CHAMPION
JOSHUA SONNI-LAMBIE                                FREDDIE SLATER

2016 BKC WINNER                                         2016 OPEN CHAMPION

MONDE JNR-KONINI                                       FINLAY BROWN