Bambino Kart Club

Where It All Begins

The RPM Honda Interkart Pooled

Engine Championship 2018

The ultimate drivers Pooled Engine Championship for 7-10 year olds

Same Engines Same Tyres Different Drivers!!!

The Interkart Championship is the newest and best kids driving championship with the biggest trophies and prizes and its the only intermediate karting competition for 7- 10 year olds (year of 8th Birthday) to make the transition from Bambino to cadets.

How it will work

The Championship will be the fairest and most policed championship in the UK, we want it to be about the drivers not the engines, and we plan to rigorously enforce rules and safe / fair driving with no compromise on scrutinising or driving standards. To keep the racing fair and true the BKC will provide all Interkart  drivers with a RPM Honda GX160 engine complete with a carburettor that has been fully dyno tested and are of the same power and speed that has been sealed to prevent tampering at race weekends.  The race engines will be drawn out of a hat by each driver at the beginning of the race weekend to be fitted to your own Honda cadet chassis

All engines will be serviced and tested on the dyno regularly to ensure they are similar in power and speed but if the same engine wins 3 weekends in a row it will be replaced so there cannot be any “favourite” engines.  All competitors must provide their own Cadet chassis that must conform to Interkart rules. Full rules and tyres requirements TBC at a later date.

Rounds And Venues

The championship will be held over 10 rounds in 2018 at some of the best tracks across England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Best 8 rounds to count.

Registration And Cost

There are only a limited number of places available for this championship due to track restraints, so registering quickly is important because when we are full we are full.

For just £495 per driver your registration will be accepted and your place in the championship will be secured. The deadline for registration December 2017. If you would like a RPM Honda GX160 practice engine we are offering registration in to the championship and a RPM Honda GX160 for the very special price of just £795 all in.

Hiring of pooled engines for the full season is just £1995 which represents excellent value for money over a full season. This takes all the cost and headache of visiting engine builders and the worry of engines breaking down at race weekends as well as the original cost of purchasing your race engine or engines if you have more than one.

To ease the pain for some people the £1995 can be split over 3 easy payments. The first payment of £995 to be paid anytime between the opening registration and up to 30 days before the first race date is 11th March 2018 at Whilton Mill  

Once the First payment of £995 has been paid in full this will secure your pooled engine and your chosen racing number for the season (numbers will be on first come basis).

The second payment of £500 will then fall due after round 2. Then the final instalment of £500 will be required straight after round 5, this will complete all payments for the championship except race weekend.

This really will be a good competitive championship and the prizes and trophies will be second to none. It will be the championship to win as its about the drivers and not how much money or resources you can throw in to it. 

We have kept the cost to a minimum so everyone can enter and have a cheap season and we envisage the race weekend cost to be £60 - £70 per day to cover the cost of track hire, trained staff, scrutineers and the clerk of the course.

If you have any questions or need to discuss anything in more detail please contact Darren Beavers The Championship Co-ordinator by Facebook or email (links located on the home page)